Handicap for 99 Years

After 20 hours, I woke up. As the anesthesia faded away, my eyes slowly opened. My family and medical team surrounded my bed as I made notice for the first time of all the machines and tubes connected to my body. Nervously awaiting the results, everyone stared as a nurse began to assess the mental and physical … More Handicap for 99 Years

Dear Cameron

Dear Cameron, Right now I sit here surrounded by hundreds of people and below I look at you in your royal blue cap and gown. Around your neck drape cords to resemble the academic achievements you have spent hours earning. To my left sits mom. Tears fill her eyes as she sits with a bittersweet … More Dear Cameron

Another Monday

Monday: April 13th, 2015. Today is Monday, April 13th. This marks the first day of my surgery week. I woke up and arrived at the James Cancer Hospital at 7am. From there I was prepared for a baseline “brain spect scan” for a pre-surgery I will be having tomorrow. The preparation included receiving an IV … More Another Monday

Stubborn Me Saved Me

For years, my stubborness always resulted in negative outcomes: being grounded by my parents, dumped by my boyfriends, sometimes ignored by my friends. But within the past year, it was my stubbornness that saved my life. Over and over again I was told nothing was medically wrong with me. My heart was healthy. My lungs … More Stubborn Me Saved Me


I find it tough to swallow and accept many of the messages I receive throughout each day. My email inbox and Instagram messages are flooded with notes regarding my beauty and my strength. I often read the line “You are so strong and beautiful, how do you do it?”. And while the image I may portray … More Truth

Luck of the Irish

I guess when life catches you by surprise it is hard to realize what exactly is fully going on around you. 6 months ago life caught me by surprise. The days were normal. I spent my nights staying up late working on chemistry homework and woke up early to start my day which was composed of … More Luck of the Irish

6 Months

It is hard for me to believe that it has been 6 months since I “Beat Thursday”. I remember the dinner the night before my surgery with all my family and closest friends. The fear within everyone was covered by smiles and laughter. I will never forget that night. While my stomach was in knots, … More 6 Months