Matter of Time

As many can agree to, things tend to always work themselves out. As we pedal our way through life, events take place- some we love, and some we wish had never happened. But throughout the past year, I have learned to roll with the punches and understand that although at the time of many unwanted … More Matter of Time


Today the most beautiful thing happened to me.While working in the surgery waiting area at the James Cancer Hospital, I tend to see a lot of scared faces. As each family is facing their own battle, I find myself relating my personal experiences to their own quite often. The facial expressions on the faces all … More Beautiful 


Elli: Today is June 22nd. While a little over two months ago I was laying in my hospital bed on the 21st floor of the James Cancer Hospital, today I am laying in my own bed, thankful to see another day. Although at troubling times, it is hard to find reasoning as to why, I … More Tested

Fighter Family

Elli: Throughout my own journey I have tried my hardest to remain positive, happy, and strong. I give a lot of credit to my two younger brothers, Cameron and Joey. Ever since I was little, medical conditions have been a part of my family. When Cameron was born, instantly the doctors knew something was not … More Fighter Family

Day by Day

Elli: It has been a little over a month since my 17 hour challenge. Day by day I find myself feeling a little more like normal. I couldn’t be more pleased with how healthy I am. While I was given a 6 month recovery time prior to my surgery, I am one month into it … More Day by Day


Elli: It has been 18 days since I had the baseball sized tumor removed from head and neck. After 17 hours in the operating room, one night in the “ICU”, 4 nights on the James Cancer Hospital head and neck oncology floor, 6 nights in the Dodd Rehabilitation Hospital, a 2 hour second surgery, and then … More Blessed

Baby steps

Hi guys! Finally I feel up to blogging a little bit about my experiences this past week.. As DeShone let you all know, Thursday was a long day. After around 17 hours straight on an operating table, I was taken to the Intensive Care Unit at the James Cancer Hospital to spend the night. There … More Baby steps