The paradise of being with my girlfriend for 10 days straight and being able to hold her hand through some rough scans and exams is done.  I’m officially over the first steps of shock in this situation.  Spring ball has started and like usual my priorities adjust once again. Although my physical presence is out on the practice field and in the meeting room, my mind never leaves her.  I thought that maybe football would be my get away but in all honestly it becomes some of the worst times of sadness.  Being the third string QB at this point in my career, I do a lot of standing around and watching while the guys ahead of me take reps.  Those times used to consist of learning as much as I could.  Now, after having a year under my belt, the rookie installs are embedded pretty deep so I catch myself mentally leaving the turf and thinking about how Ell is feeling or if she slept the night before or if she will be able to text me in the recovery room after her surgery or anything else that has nothing to do with football and everything to do with the beautiful girl laying in bed 271 miles away from me. 


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